About Ganga Blood Bank

The Ganga Blood Bank was started in the year 1993 with its license obtained in the year 1996. It is the first licentiate blood bank in the North Eastern region, built under the Ganga charitable trust. The Ganga Blood Bank remains open for 24 hours a day. Whole blood and blood components are fully available round the clock in the blood bank. Any requirement is immediately met and proper care is taken to ensure the emergency patient gets it in time.


Dr. Anuradha Choudhury

The Managing trustee of Ganga Blood Bank and proprietor of Ganga Laboratory is Dr.Anuradha Choudhury, MD, FIAC.
Dr. Anuradha did her MBBS from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh and MD (Path And Micro) from Guwahati Medical College.
She also did a course of training on Cytopathology from John’s Hopkin’s Medical School in Baltimore, USA. Dr Choudhury passed FIAC from Quebec in Canada. 

Process of blood collection and storage:

Blood collection from a donor is done after careful and proper physical examination. The blood samples are taken from the donor and different tests like HIV, HBsAg, HCV and Syphilis are done before collection. All these blood testing procedures for retro virus syphilis are done with Chemiluminescence mostly. Along with that, proper counselling and further physical examinations of the donors are done by experienced medical officer.

Post the blood donation, the donor gets a Yellow card from Ganga Blood Bank. Thereafter, with the help of this card, the particular donor or any of his/her friends can withdraw a unit of blood of any group from Ganga Blood Bank.

The whole blood and packed cells are stored in 4-8.Celsius. Platelets are stored in 22.C with room temperature controlled properly with an air conditioner. The fresh frozen plasma are stored at -30.C